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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  November 20, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EST

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working this morning. just wet roads and fog at the bridges. aside from that looking good. as we look at the jfx. traffic is very quite at this hour. thank you back to you. thanks. wait, watch and wonder, that's what could be most of the day. downtown in baltimore as a jury deliberates in the trial of baltimore city major sheila dixon. she premiers to enter a second day of deliberation. johnson is live downtown monitoring the detail this is morning. >> reporter: good morning, megan. we are wafting for a jury to -- waiting for a jury to arrive here at courthouse east in just a few hours. deliberates are set to continue at 9:00 this morning. that's when everyone will return to court. closing arguments took about an hour for each side. the state reiterated its case by saying she stole from the poor by yugz gift cards meant for the needy and solicited
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gift cards as if it were an order from onlookers but the judge quickly quited them down. received the case at about 12:30 yesterday, before asking to go home for night without a verdict. >> i thought we made the point that is had to be made, and i'm satisfied we made those points. we will have to see what the jury does. >> the arguments were fantastic, and we will wait and see what the jury has to say. >> reporter: now the jury asked three questions yesterday. they wanted definitions of some legal terms. they also asked to see the transcript of testimony but that was denied. we will have live coverage throughout the day online approximate on the air and we will break in if the jury comes back with a verdict today. reporting live in downtown baltimore, abc 2 news. remember, abc 2 new also be at the courthouse all day long when the jurors return tovment be sure to tune in to see what
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happens at 9:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. any time we are not ton air, you can check us out at the latest on a rescue that -- and the return of a kidnapped teen. that teen is back with his family this morning. 19-year-old eastman and 20-year- old travis spears were both arrested. here r is how they were able to make these arrests in the case. officers on patrol were flagged down by joseph beakston who claimed his 17-year-old son had been kidnapped ton way to school. while police were talking to baxton, demanding $50,000 drugs or they will cut off the boy's fingers was being led into a vacant house in the 100 blubbing of south katherine street. they said the boys head was covered with a bag and he had been hand cuffed. >> police get a call, citizens
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call in when they see something wrong, police respond and we believe truly believe that a murder was -- >> the boy was found unharmed in a basement still wearing his school uniform. doctors and nurses worked hard to keep a woman alive after a gunman shot near a chest outside of a funeral home in northwest baltimore around 7:30 last night outside the joseph h. brown at the intersection of north fullton avenue. police say that the woman was shot in the chest outside the funeral home and tried to make her way back inside. there's no word on the suspects or even an apparent motive in this shooting. police in east baltimore met with residents last night share information about two recent rapes and a murder. and warn them to be very careful. the two rapes happened about three weeks ago and dna results show two different men committed the attacks. earlier this week a woman's body was fopped not far from the scenes of those rapes.
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police are on high alert and so are women. >> going to my car. it's terrible. >> from midnight until the sun comes up, unless you have be on the streets, do not go out. if you live in east baltimore many, police will escort you to where you are going. ayou will you have to do is call the district and hang on we will give you the number in case you are headed out, it is 410-396-4233. a different number right now 888-223-0033. that's the line that police have set up as a 24 hour tip line. anyone with information is asked to give them a call. also this morning look at this. >> i cannot wait until the next movie. it has to come out tomorrow, no joke tomorrow. >> serious, this new moon mania
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and it has begun. twilight fans as they're called line up last night across maryland to begin lining up top see the second installment of the vampire story twilight new moon is one of the most highly anticipated movies of year and we spoke with the fans who wanted to watch the films in white marsh. abc 2 news joins us with a day of reaction. these fans are nut. >> yeah, i would say so. they're pretty die hard. here locally shows were sold out. the excitement started weeks ago when tickets were made available, everyone we talked to got those tickets the moment they went on sale. the romantic fantasy is about a teen who falls in love with a vampire. it is part two of the four part twilight series and much like harry potter these have been a big hit. these are not your average book, most kids are taking just a week to finish these 400 to
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500 page novels. a fan who spoke with were ecstatic. >> i spent two summers reading the books. so it is great to see the movies and how it personifies. >> more than $35 million the opening night. by september of this year it earned more than 380 million worldwide. in the studio, linda. abc 2 news. >> people are k looing for anyway to save money but the holidays don't help. the bigs enemy of sale shopping most are vulnerable too. >> a major flood rescue in the united kingdom. the hundreds of people that are trapped and the rescue efforts to save them. before we go to break, before you head out the door, let's send it back to justin burke who is back in the studio. we missed you so much. 5:06. we cleared the sky out, 51- degrees and we will see the sun today. in fact we will see a lot of
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it. the forecast going for the weekend in just a bit. right now, the look at the mta and good morning to mark jones. >> good morning. it is a good one, if your ride is on, no delays on the -- ton buses, 51 working with the diversion in the area. that's due to a construction scene. look for the numbers 23, 24, 55 buses to be diverted and back river and look for the 20 bus. that's due to construction and you will find on going construction on the 51 bus line at eagle and fullerton. the mta team, i'm mark jones. with pillsbury pie crust,
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. join us on a friday. weather, traffic together. we are lookout side at a much improved day. we are dealing with this one storm in the midwest that is still out there but we get the drive side, heavy rain overnight so the roads could still be wet. we are at 54 in easton, and temperatures back into the 30s, far western maryland. we have cleared the area and that should lead to a mostly sunny day with getting back to 56 by lunchtime and 60, sunny to partly cloudy this afternoon. we will talk about the weekend downhill forecast coming up in just a moment. still 5:10 let see what is happening on the roads.
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thanks a lot. traffic looks great so far around the beltway, no problems at 95 through the white marsh boulevard area. down toward the tunnels the only thing is a water main break that is in essex at river road, that has a intersection closed. eastern boulevard should get you around that without any problems. the jfx, traffic is still quite and moving without any problems. megan back to you. thanks. 11 minutes after 5:00. holiday wrapping paper covers all sorts of gifts. the holiday surprise that came with a lot of questions from police. plus kim hopes to have another internet smash on her hands and wants you to bid on it.
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. >> 5:13, your money this morning. this do no doubt has been a very tough economy and we are still pinching our pennies, could efforts to save enup costing you more. we will look at some of the top money saving myths. >> reporter: with the holiday season upon us now is a great time to talk about money saving myth number one, that sale shopping saves you money. >> retailers have been at this for a very long time and retailers know, they study people. this is a sign. >> reporter: barry boone owned deal it is a site with sale, coupons
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and deals from about 2,000 stores. he says the biggest enemy of sale shopping is impulse buying. >> if it is not something you didn't need you didn't save anything you bought things you didn't need. >> step back before buying. >> get ton internet, find out if it is a good deal. >> money saving myth number two, saving money depends on income. experts say that's just not true. >> what's important regardless of income is to pay yourself first. >> every time you get a pay check set aside a certain amount of money. >> otherwise it will just quickly become a part of your, of your discretionary income and you will never realize that you got it. >> money saving myth number three, refinancing your home pays off. >> refinancing your home doesn't always pay off. >> reporter: refinancing does mean lower monthly payments but if you extended the life of the loan you may pay more for your home, if you have already paid
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ten years and refinancing for another 30 means you basically stretched the loan to 40 years. our final money saving myth brings us to body shop. should you delay an oil change from 3,000 to 5,000 miles? >> this year's a prime of of what happens when you don't change oil regularly. >> consider this, a 25 or even $30 oil change or $2,500 for a new engine. and how about newer cars? they're able to go about 5,000 miles between oil changes under ideal circumstances, something many of us don't encounter. >> most of us drive several miles in heavy traffic and high temperatures. we idle a lot waiting on traffic. that's hard on engines and on oil. there's a big investment in that vehicle. i sure wouldn't skip on oil change. >> four of the top money saving myths revealed. follow this advice and you will be on the right track to real
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savings. good morning mary glair we posted this story and all of the money saving myths on the web site. to see it click on the financial survival guide. >> now forecast certified most accurate in baltimore and traffic together. we go across the big pond where hundreds of people are stranded by rising flood water this hour in the united kingdom. this is happening in a northern england tourist town. police are using helicopters who evacuate people caught many the floods and the uk coast guard is using -- to navigate the flooded streets. the district attracts about 15 million visitors this year. we thought we had stormy problems in this part of the world. they're dealing with it in that part of europe. let's see what is had happening here. we have escaped the worst part of this particular storm pattern giving us warm temperatures yesterday. we made it up to 61 from here
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to philly to new york. 72 in nor folk, and it is a very impressive storm system in the northwest, 55 should do it. it is a. 34 is a typical morning and we are starting around 50. enjoy it while it is here. won't last too much longer. 1951, 79 in 1942. sun up and we are acting on 51. basically clear skies across the area. droping into the 40s on the other side of the mountains where most of the clouds should stay. we have a northern breeze. we may build in clouds this afternoon, but overall even though you are starting with clouds in the eastern shore you should break out the sunshine and that old storm system wrapping through the great lakes and lifting up into the valley taking the moisture with it will give us a break. we shift our focus back here over the course of the weekend with a dry day tomorrow, increasing clouds and the next storm coming from the northeast won't be near the morning but
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maybe by saturday and look for a wet day to start off the next work week. for today, 60 we will call it mostly sunny and mild. for tonight, clear and relatively comfortable patchy fog at daybreak and 40 and starting off the weekend, sunny to mostly. let check we do have a water main break to let you know about in essex. that's at old eastern avenue. to get around that without any problems. as we look here on the west side, traffic is moving very nicely. we don't have any problems to let you know about here on the west side between 795 and 90. also the topside is checking in at bell air. the expressway is running nicely, no problems at the bridges this morning and the tunnels are checking in clean as well. as we check in traffic looks
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great. up and down. so, it is one of those things the hardest thing i've ever had to do in my career. >> this is a tough story. authorities in income in north carolina -- five-year-old davis. the girl's body was found in the woods on monday. mario mcneal had already been charged with kid p inning davis. her mother is charged with trafficking and child abuse involving prostitution. two atlanta journalists -- a wsb-tv reporter were inside the live truck when the vehicles hit a power electrical line and sparked an explosion. both were shaken by the accident but they're in good condition after being examined at an area trauma center. talk about a surprise christmas gift, listen to this, custom officials say even they were surprised when they found glass bombs disguised as christmas ordinary reason.
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s at a los angeles port. agents found over 300 glass bombs labeled christmas ornaments. the drug pipes they have anest mated worth of more than $2.5 million needless to say they were seized at the port but no arrests right now have been made. and lofts of store versus moved from the streets to the internet but ebay is doing the opposite with a little help with kim cardashian. >> to see what -- >> this story still has to go to the site and bid on a purchase, some of had her clothing desines are being auctioned ton site as well. part of the proceeds from e bay go to a charity called the dream foundation. the defense and the prosecution made their cases and now the fate of sheila dixon rest windshield the jury. we have a live report on the way. we will be right back. considering chevy malibu.
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now during the chevy red tag event, get an '09 malibu with o percent apr for 72 months. see red and save green. now at your local chevy dealer. . now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate. here is justin burke and maryland's most powerful dop lar radar. we have clear sky already which means sunshine coming in an hour and a half. mostly sunny, almost a repeat, 60, clouding up on sunday,
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monday wet at 52. upper 50s on tuesday, unfortunately showers arrive wednesday, and rain on thanksgiving. right now, 5:24 lets go up to new york and get this mornings tech bytes. >> the new operating system for competers, it is expected to be on computers and challenge windows. the software is designed to run on lap tops that only offer the internet. those computers will the site has, speech recognition technology but because that technology is still a work in progress, the caption will available on a handful including tbs, national geographic and a few big
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universities. youtube hopes to expand other time. you can take your tv with you. one of those devices is the flow tv personal television. us a. today has been testing it out. >> there are some issue, for one thing it is not going to work everywhere and the quality is not going to confuse with hdtv. there are only about ten channels at this point, and lastly there's the price. $250 plus up to $14.99 a month after a trial period. it is too expensive. >> you can read the full column on u.s. a. today. >> finally any star wars my phi gnattic for the iphone, one with dart individualer. they cost $30 each and ship on december 8th. for information on these stories log on to the technology page at
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those are your tech bytes. this mornings tech bytes brought to you by best buy. >> i have a little boy. the memory
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. now good morning maryland. have been investigating her for year, the decision that could come in as soon as today in the trial of mayor sheila dixon. are unlikely to fall in love and they do. it is one of those thing that is gives us hope everyday. >> oh the twilight theory that is hitting baltimore with a huge bang. we have a live recap. she got her start right here and she has risen to the top like nobody else. oprah winfrey has a major announcement about the future of her show. that and more


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